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Virtual resource for self-publishing books, manuscripts, technical reports, white papers and scientific research.

We provide book cover design, formatting, page layout, uploading, ISBN numbers and illustrations for use in digital media on reading devices as well as printed editions.

Printed Books: Also provide options to have printed books, brochures and reports available for sale at conferences and on websites.

Electronic Publishing: known as
e-publishing or digital media, refers to the publication of e-books, and electronic articles, like those typically facilitated by Amazon's bookstore for Kindle and the Android Market. Content uploaded to Amazon can be instantly read on Kindle, anywhere in the world, even language barriers can be overcome with translation options.

e-publications include:
• Books - Novels
• Short Stories - Memoirs
• Articles - Essays
• Research Reports
• Scientific Publications
• White Papers - Narratives
• Newspapers - Magazines

Faster Publication - Increased profits
Convenience - Lower Consumer Cost

Publishers electronically upload e-book content published and sold worldwide, in a fraction of the time involved with traditional publication and printing.
Readers/Consumers enjoy the e-books at dramatically reduced prices, shopping on the Internet and conveniently downloading the content.
Authors benefit from significantly increased profit margins, due to shorter publication time cycles and dramatically reduced expenses.
e-Publishing: full-service e-publisher simply send us your manuscript in MS Word format and we can do the rest
- ISBN Number
- Copyright
- Formatting
- Uploading
- e-book cover design
- Thumbnails
- Illustrations